Thursday, January 29, 2009

high blood pressure update

bloodwork came back normal. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

33w and return of the high blood pressure...

so today i had my 33w appointment. my blood pressure was 140/90 (at rest it was 124/90). doctor lim again told me to stop eating out, but the problem is...

i haven't been eating out. granted, i've been craving to eat out... in the end i never do. for instance i wanted p'dones last night before class. i never got there (i was actually almost late for class, LOL). i wanted mc donalds on my way home but i was in the other lane. i've wanted to go to vince's but i don't want to go by myself. i guess what i do eat regularly is that tamale every saturday and an occasional costco hot dog.

now he told me to cut the salt out at home.

i realized that i have to be very careful about one symptom in general. my vision. one of the symptom is lights, fuzzy vision, etc. which is just how my right vision is already thanks to the retinal detachment.

i'm going back next friday. to make sure my blood pressure is back down.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hypnosleeping part 3

i was trying to practice 'going to that special place' and deepening instead of using the CD this morning. i over extended my hips last night while i was sleeping and it hurt SO BAD i thought this would be a good opportunity to relax and see what i could do about the pain.


i slept in for 2 hours.

the pain is gone.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

hypnosleeping part 2

today i fell alseep at 11 am!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

hypno... sleeping (lol).

lately i haven't been able to get to the end of my hypnobirthing CD at all. i always fall asleep. this could be at 10pm (when i go to sleep) or yesterday it was at 3pm. its so relaxing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shh! Positive birth stories only please. My baby is listening.

so says my hypnobirthing pin... and everywhere i look there are negative messages about birth. its painful, its long, and the ever popular... it sucks but its SO worth it at the end. then there are the birth videos that i've been watching in class. its amazing.

paul made a good point the other day... that the word hypno- put in front of the word -birthing throws people off. i would have to agree with him. what a lot of people know about hypnosis is the stage show type. most of the times its used for laughs. people acting like monkeys, people eating raw onions, people seemingly hypnotized to do things they wouldn't normally would (which is kind of funny to me because i guess having a stress free birthing experience maybe would be something a person wouldn't normally would lol). a lot of people don't know that hypnosis is used in may other things and its hard to surrender to what you don't know.

paul says it would be better if its called 'deep relaxation birthing'. thats what hypnobirthing basically is... and to go into that deep relaxing state, we use hypnosis. we use hypnosis to release our fears about birth itself and to break the fear-tension-pain cycle.

i feel like i should video tape jake's birth so my friends and family can be believers in a safe, easy, and stress free birth. funny, because i was never THAT confident about this... but now i am. i want to share this with EVERYONE.

yes, i didn't say pain free because thats not what they promise. still, birth doesn't have to be agonizing. it can be a WONDERFUL experience.

i've seen it so... i hope to have one too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


the 'maternity' levis i bought at the beginning (a pair just 2 sizes bigger) are now feeling a little tight around the hips which is a GOOD thing. before you give birth your pelvis is supposed to 'open up'. birthing balls are great for doing just that.

i've finally started to get his room ready. well, its our room. lol. i washed all his clothes. they are so small. i really can't believe he'll be here very soon (as soon as a few weeks if he felt like it. just hopefully after the baby shower. :P)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hypnnobirthng class day 2 and finally getting a doula

so through my forgetfulness induced by my pregnancy i finally remembered to call my doula that ellie had recommended. she is also a massage therapist. she is just a trainee so she is a little... 'noobie' (which is seriously the only word i can think of to explain the situation), but she is really nice so i was excited to see her before my hypnobirthing class today.

so we did this crazy exercise called 'glove relaxation'. it was crazy because i didn't know what to expect, yet it worked like it should. it was a exercise were you were 'deepened'. then ellie said some prompts to make your hand 'feel' numb and transfer the numbness to your cheek. my hand indeed felt numb! she does these exercises just to teach us that with the power of the mind that you CAN have a great birthing experience. i was awestruck and i'm even MORE satisfied with the approach i am taking with this birth.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


doc appointment today...

i've been given the ok to work up to 36 weeks. ^^

he is also measuring real good (30w 4d @ 31w).


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hypnobirthing class day 1

went great. the class size is small (6 couples) and its full of people who love to laugh and supposedly eat (foodies and drunks (men) all around). many are due about the same time i am. some are home birthing (awww). we got to learn the basics of self hypnosis and birth.

will update tomorrow on the doc appointment. :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

why we don't need to do another 4D ultrasound (according to paul)

paul: i'm fine with just knowing he's good. we can pimp him out later. it's not like I can drop your belly to the ground, put leds on it, and put sub woofers on your butt.

mollie: lol.

paul: it's how my kid rolls. he'll get his power wheels one day, with 5" speakers in the front and back, with a lil box with a 8" sub.

mollie: lol, ok.

paul: unless you want sub woofers on your butt?

... i have NO CLUE what he is thinking. unless we are not on the same page about ultraSOUNDS.

Friday, January 9, 2009

30w 2d

i seem to show no signs of 'slowing down'.... so i am still working.

i mean do i seriously continue working?

i begin my hypnobirthing class next tuesday. i have a doctor's appointment on wednesday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mollie: so what have u been doing to get rdy for baby? just curious...

paul: getting baaaaaff so i cans carry him

paul: jaaaah

Saturday, January 3, 2009

why hypnobirthing?

so as i get closer to welcoming jake in this world i would like the change the tone of the blog from his development(he just needs to get fat now anyway lol) to the birth and why i chose hypnobirthing as my birthing method.

it all begins a long time when i saw this dateline story about hypnosis and birth...

i remember watching this in awe. i mean, it made sense 'naturally' if something was very painful we learn how to 'avoid' it. how can nature intend to want us to 'avoid' that affects our very existence?

so begins my journey into 'freebirthing', birth without medication.

so i did a lot of researching and found this: i bought the book last week and i've been relaxing with the CD everyday.