Sunday, October 26, 2008

19w 4d

i've been trying to eat. so i eat eat eat. then i sit sit sit (because for some reason EVERYONE tells me i need to sit). i feel fine. i'll sit if i don't feel fine. lol.

next week will be the half way point! to think jake really needs to do now is grow. :o

i've been getting nervous about becoming a parent. i am ready as i can be emotionally and physically but here are some things i can't even being to imagine...

how many 0~3 3~6 6~9 9~12 month onesies do i 'really' need (since they may grow out of it really fast)?

is organic 'really' what i need for them to wear?

is hypnobirthing truly the way to go?

what if cloth diapering is the wrong way to go?

and the answers are right there, i KNOW what the answers are... i just can't... i don't know, begin to think. i get overwhelmed... but still have 4 months to sort everything out. hopefully thats enough time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

measuring small and other worries

well like i said in the last post, jake was measuring small. of course the cause can be anything... but i feel like i am at fault too. i've been stressed out about eating healthier so sometimes i don't eat at all. if i am hungry for mc donalds i just drive by. if i am hungry for pie or ice cream i just skip my craving so i can get home and eat something healthier... but in the end rice and okazu is not what jake wants and i end up not eating. i am trying to believe that jake knows what is good for him and i need to give in... but its not so easy. i've been craving mostly sweets (when i do crave which is not often) and i worry about gestational diabetes. i try to count calories now and it is hard for me to get 2,300~2,500 that i am supposed to... i don't even get to 2,000 sometimes.

its funny because paul can never decide what to eat and neither can i. we sometimes drive around for an hour trying to see what looks good to us and finally we stop by a mc donalds (because its the closest thing to post). lol. so even with three of us that means we'll never be able to decide what we want to eat when we go out.

i also found out that paul will be coming in early march. that means he can definitely be here for the birth... but it also can mean that if jake is not measuring where he should be there is a chance that i wouldn't be able to be induced to have him while he is here (i have to ask dr. lim)...

goodness kid, you're already making this hard on me.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Jake Masashi is measuring a little small at 7 ounces. the adjusted due date is march 22nd 2008.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


paul wants to know the sex of the baby so i will be making an appointment tomorrow to get an ultrasound package!

Friday, October 10, 2008

17w 2d

baby is moving and i can feel it. its weird.