Saturday, November 28, 2009


i really have meant to update. i log on to blogger then i get so overwhelmed with all tat has been happening! so paul got his class date. he unfortunately did not get the MOS he wanted but they made sure he stayed MI (thank goodness) so he got a jack of all trades desk jobber kind of MOS (35F). well he will be at Ft huachuca (:thumbsdown: LOL) for 4 months. automatically i asked him if we could go back to torrance and he said yes! so we'll be in southern california from feburary to june... that means we wil be able to share his first birthday with the whole family! (maybe paul will be able to catch a flight home really quick? i hope so!!!!)

so... for jaker updates! he has been crawling since he was about 6 months old. that means now he knows how to crawl to get to places that he can pull himself up to too! he has been cruising the couch and the coffee table. :( why sad face? because my little man is mobile!!! well, paul and i being the well, whatever happens happens kind of parents, we haven't gotten baby gates yet (haha i know). we keep talking about it.... but no action. he crawls everywhere! he has also started to eat soilds. he loves to eat! i'd say asparagus and sweet potato is his favorite.