Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it the end of august yet?

some firsts that jake has done the past few days:

rasperries! he had a whole lot of drool and he pfffffft at grandmas. we thought grandma tooted! i tried to get it on camera but he was busy talking to it. he's such a ham.

play date with joshua... the two boys were talking back and forth! lol. its funny because jake just falls asleep when he is around baby girls :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

mothering adventures at three months old

three months. i can't believe its already been a quarter of a year since jake was born. i must admit, i have it pretty easy. jake has been easy... but he is starting to show signs that it that all may change in a few months!

about two weeks ago he started to get very active, socially and physically. he started to notice the differences in people's faces. it was so funny because my dad was holding him when this happened. jake just stared at my dad and then within seconds he was crying. i think jake was the one most surprised of it all. i was worried that he had gotten separation anxiety or something like that but few hours later he was back to his normal self. my dad and i were awestruck. we felt like we just witnessed his cognitive skills developing. now he stares at me when someone else is holding him.... he has this 'hey if mommy is over there who is this holding me?' kind of look on his face.

so he rolled over tummy to back two weeks ago (right and left) and hasn't done it again since. :P thank goodness i got it on video! lol. it does seem like he was just showing off. haha. now his new thing is kicking, kicking, and more kicking. kicking during diaper changes (ugh), kicking while i hold him, kicking during tummy time. maybe thats why he doesn't roll over anymore. hm... interesting.

i think the biggest issue that has come to my attention is how socially unaccepted breastfeeding is!! its been so hard to nurse jake in public. i am lucky to have been blessed with a wonderful family (both sides) that accept breastfeeding (even my brother doesn't mind. yeah!) as being 'natural' but i've read that some families are not. yes, i've had to nurse him in a bathroom in a public sports venue. it was a 'family bathroom' but i had to sit on the toilet (yuck). another thing i thought, that it was a simple matter of choosing between the breastmik or formula but its not. a lot of mothers 'give up' for one reason or another even though they want to breastfeed. some doctors even advise patients to wean before the baby is 1 year old which is against the recommendation of the american association of pediatrics.

another thing i really realize until i actually started doing was how easy cloth diapering is... but i think some diaper companies are capitalizing on how scary diving into cloth diapering can be and selling all in ones when prefolds are so easy to use.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

easy to fussy in a day

lately jake has become fussy. i think he is beginning to know what works for him and what doesn't. now he has prerequisites to falling asleep. he needs to be swaddled or tucked in my arms. its funny, when he is tucked in my arms i feel him sweep his feet on my thigh as if he is making sure i am there. i would leave to go do something and if he is not completely asleep he will wake up within half an hour. he won't fall asleep just being on the breast anymore.