Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OB appointment update

so everything is good and i only gained the allotted 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks (something sort of a miracle lol). jake is measuring 27~28 weeks @ 29 weeks. that 6 pounds i gained in 3 weeks may have been a growth spurt on jake's part. i remember that i was worried that he was never going to catch up but he has and he is doing great. i am going to get an ultrasound again my next appointment. YAY!

uh oh. 29w

its finally happened... i get out of breath doing 'regular' things. i walked katie and i started picking my pace up. then OMG! i'm out of breath! all the food i ate for christmas is catching up to me! i'm going to be in so much trouble at the OB today. lol will update later.

Friday, December 26, 2008

i am a multiple miscarriage survivor.

when jake is born it would be a 2 year journey, full of ups and downs... truthfully more downs than up. i can't believe its been that long since we decided to expand our family.

i can't believe its finally happening.

28w 2d

i'm still doing ok... actually i am doing fantastic. i read a lot about *this week you may have this symptom or that symptom*... but i've been symptom free. i even SLEEP well. i do toss and turn but i get more than 5 hours of sleep. sometimes i feel a little sad that i am not having these 'symptoms'. i feel like i am being cheated on the whole 'pregnancy experience'. i still have *at least* two months to go. maybe it will hit me. until then i will feel fantastic.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

27w 1d

i really need a new scale, a precise one in the house. just before i left for the doctor's office i weighed myself at 150 (no weight gain) then at the doctor's office i was 156!! i've already gained 20 pounds from my original weight and i still have 2 months of 'fattening up'. i look small, so i don't know where its all going. my blood pressure has been good and i've been hungry ALL DAY. hungry for sweet, salty, fruits, ice cream, whatever i can put my hands on. i blamed jake for it and the doctor laughed at me. he just said watch what you eat! sigh. i know i haven't been the best mommy this past month. so... i've been swearing to myself to eat better!

he is moving SO much more lately and he has been moving almost 24/7. (as i write this tho, he is sleeping. hah). he gave me a HUGE kick last night that made me wake up as i was nodding off to sleep while watching an episode of dinner: IMPOSSIBLE. i think he IS small. i haven't gotten any of that rib hurting stretches from him that i keep hearing from my friends who are due about the same time as me.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i did end up going to work all week. it seemed like he was just stuck upside down and pushing down on me. there was a lot of kicking and flailing. now its back to the way it was. no pain. not a lot of kicking like that day, but still kickin.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

less than 100 days to go. then...

i feel a bit crampy in my lower abdomen. its not bothering me too much except the fact that i don't know if i should work or not so i am waiting for dr. lim to call me back. i know its probably gas from eating all that pineapple the other day (but seriously, i couldn't stop. haha). i can't believe that we've come this far already.

its weird because paul and i are very 'go with the flow' with the whole parenting thing. we haven't really read any parenting books (some people we know have had stacks of them). i am wondering if everything is going to be ok... lol.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

paul's take on parenting the first few months:

Paul: just need a place for him to sleep, and things to wear
Paul: You supply the food
Mollie: lol
Paul: I guess diapers would be good tho
Paul: and when he opens his eyes and starts to roam, then we can worry about toys, and other stimuli
Mollie: babies are born with their eyes open honey
Paul: o?
Paul: doh.
Paul: ok I r n00b leave me be!
Mollie: lol. he will come out and look at you and he'll be like o sheet
Paul: well then I better get a hair cut before I arrive =X
Paul: First impressions are everything you know ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

25w 1d

there are days that he kicks a lot and there are days that he just sleeps. i get nervous when he isn't moving, but i guess he is like his mommy and he likes to sleep for long hours.