Wednesday, November 26, 2008

update update

my blood pressure was 107/73.

i was cutting salt all day yesterday and today.

i'm going to continue to do so. thank goodness its something that can be controlled by diet!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

23w 6d/24w

so... update:

my blood pressure was 130/90 (aka high). the doctor took it 3 separate times and it was the same. now i need to monitor it daily. if it hits 150/100 (any number) its a trip to the doctors (as you can see the DIA numbers are close).

i had hypertension before when i was younger. it was diet controlled. lately i've been able to eat whatever i want but it never got high... until now.

i'm in a panic which is probably the worse thing i can do for myself right now. i've been telling everyone instead of internalizing it because i believe it will help with the stress i'm feeling. i'm reading up on everything. when you get high blood pressure before 30 weeks its not a good sign. i'm only at 24 weeks. i may get hospitalized if my blood pressure hits 160/110 before 34 weeks. jake may have to come early via C section...

so anyway i'm watching my salt intake closely. i promised my sister i'll take her out to lunch and dinner so today is the day i lower my salt intake. already i said no to processed cheese and sauce at in n out. i only ate half the fries. i've been drinking water. hopefully the slight rise in blood pressure controlled by diet is all i have to look forward to.

Friday, November 14, 2008

22w 2d

i thought it was funny... 22w and 2d 222 :P

i'm doing good.

just the normal stuff.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

doctor's appointment (20w 6d)

went great! nothing really to report. lol. we did a quick ultrasound and talked about induction which he said could be done when paul gets here if needed be (although that will be a last minute thing if he doesn't want to come out when dad's around).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

20w 3d

jake is getting more active and i am getting more inactive. although i still enjoy running around with the kids i find myself stopping to catch my breath more often. all my eating has been working and i think i gained too much (so much for worrying). i was weighing 150 at soleado... my target weight is 146. i AM running around still so i figure its ok but i need to lay off on the chocolates (which i seem to be wanting a lot of). also it sucked that it was halloween and we got 1 kid that came by this year so i have a lot of candy just sitting here next to me. i am going to stay away from them!! Tuesday is my 20 week appointment. i learn the results of my california state genetics testing, and my blood test... so i'll update then!