Monday, September 29, 2008

15w 5d

first day of work.


i took a short shift so i can ease back into going back to work. hopefully i won't get too tired.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

first doctors appointment.

went very good. i got a pap (eww... but wasn't bad at all), a short glimpse of the baby (baby was moving... YAY!), talked about my history with the doctor, and he gave me the ok to go to work (YAY!).

i signed a think that said i will most likely be giving birth at little company of mary (YAY!).

i also gave 2 big vials of blood and 3 small vials of blood. i don't feel good right now. i drank some grape juice and water but i still feel pretty tired.

now i just need to find a scanner to scan the ultrasound picture.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

14w 4d

this tuesday is my first 'offical' OB appointment. my doctor's name is dr. lim. his partner dr. ito delivered my younger sister. her partner (who retired) dr. yamanaka delivered the older little sister, my brother and me! so this is really exciting. i hope to deliver at little company of mary where paul and i were both born 28 years ago. if the doctor gives the ok i will be going back to work (another YAY!)

i have a little bump now and i will take a picture and post it later. i still think it just looks like belly fat. >:/ i am feeling good except when i over eat and i can easily avoid that.

will update again after doctors appointment!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

deep inside...

i was reading the thread on baby high heels on the military girlfriends website and i THOUGHT i could say no... but i couldn't. if it was in any other color than that nasty magenta i would buy it. at 35 dollars a pair? i would still buy it. i would also get her a pretty black dress and a pretty black purse. i think it would look so cute. i never thought i would say this but i would love to have a little girl.

i would put my little girl in pretty dresses. i would do her hair. i don't necessarily need to make her look 16 or 17 at the age of 5.... but i still think girls in dresses are cute. girls with pig tails and braids are cute.

i love watching roman holiday. i love audrey hepburn. thats how i would want my girl to grow up. i want my girl to look girly and chic. she would be confident, independent and slightly rebellious. like princess ann.

one problem though. i am not anything like that.

13w 4d

nothing really to report again but i am showing more and hopefully in the coming weeks i will look more pregnant (haha) i just got my referral with my PCM on friday so in the next few weeks i should be having my *first* official appointment with an OB/GYN.

now it is kind of uncomfortable to sleep on my back and i toss and turn. after i go to the bathroom i still feel like i need to go. i have just about 6 more months to go :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

12w 4d

i am doing pretty good. nausea (whatever i had of it) is gone and i'm not too tired (i don't need that midday nap anymore). i still can't distinguish movement from gas (which i *still* have). nothing much to report now. hopefully i'll be able to see the sex in the next few weeks. personally i don't want to know.... but i think its important to tell paul. :P