Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OB appointment update

so everything is good and i only gained the allotted 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks (something sort of a miracle lol). jake is measuring 27~28 weeks @ 29 weeks. that 6 pounds i gained in 3 weeks may have been a growth spurt on jake's part. i remember that i was worried that he was never going to catch up but he has and he is doing great. i am going to get an ultrasound again my next appointment. YAY!

uh oh. 29w

its finally happened... i get out of breath doing 'regular' things. i walked katie and i started picking my pace up. then OMG! i'm out of breath! all the food i ate for christmas is catching up to me! i'm going to be in so much trouble at the OB today. lol will update later.

Friday, December 26, 2008

i am a multiple miscarriage survivor.

when jake is born it would be a 2 year journey, full of ups and downs... truthfully more downs than up. i can't believe its been that long since we decided to expand our family.

i can't believe its finally happening.

28w 2d

i'm still doing ok... actually i am doing fantastic. i read a lot about *this week you may have this symptom or that symptom*... but i've been symptom free. i even SLEEP well. i do toss and turn but i get more than 5 hours of sleep. sometimes i feel a little sad that i am not having these 'symptoms'. i feel like i am being cheated on the whole 'pregnancy experience'. i still have *at least* two months to go. maybe it will hit me. until then i will feel fantastic.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

27w 1d

i really need a new scale, a precise one in the house. just before i left for the doctor's office i weighed myself at 150 (no weight gain) then at the doctor's office i was 156!! i've already gained 20 pounds from my original weight and i still have 2 months of 'fattening up'. i look small, so i don't know where its all going. my blood pressure has been good and i've been hungry ALL DAY. hungry for sweet, salty, fruits, ice cream, whatever i can put my hands on. i blamed jake for it and the doctor laughed at me. he just said watch what you eat! sigh. i know i haven't been the best mommy this past month. so... i've been swearing to myself to eat better!

he is moving SO much more lately and he has been moving almost 24/7. (as i write this tho, he is sleeping. hah). he gave me a HUGE kick last night that made me wake up as i was nodding off to sleep while watching an episode of dinner: IMPOSSIBLE. i think he IS small. i haven't gotten any of that rib hurting stretches from him that i keep hearing from my friends who are due about the same time as me.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i did end up going to work all week. it seemed like he was just stuck upside down and pushing down on me. there was a lot of kicking and flailing. now its back to the way it was. no pain. not a lot of kicking like that day, but still kickin.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

less than 100 days to go. then...

i feel a bit crampy in my lower abdomen. its not bothering me too much except the fact that i don't know if i should work or not so i am waiting for dr. lim to call me back. i know its probably gas from eating all that pineapple the other day (but seriously, i couldn't stop. haha). i can't believe that we've come this far already.

its weird because paul and i are very 'go with the flow' with the whole parenting thing. we haven't really read any parenting books (some people we know have had stacks of them). i am wondering if everything is going to be ok... lol.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

paul's take on parenting the first few months:

Paul: just need a place for him to sleep, and things to wear
Paul: You supply the food
Mollie: lol
Paul: I guess diapers would be good tho
Paul: and when he opens his eyes and starts to roam, then we can worry about toys, and other stimuli
Mollie: babies are born with their eyes open honey
Paul: o?
Paul: doh.
Paul: ok I r n00b leave me be!
Mollie: lol. he will come out and look at you and he'll be like o sheet
Paul: well then I better get a hair cut before I arrive =X
Paul: First impressions are everything you know ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

25w 1d

there are days that he kicks a lot and there are days that he just sleeps. i get nervous when he isn't moving, but i guess he is like his mommy and he likes to sleep for long hours.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

update update

my blood pressure was 107/73.

i was cutting salt all day yesterday and today.

i'm going to continue to do so. thank goodness its something that can be controlled by diet!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

23w 6d/24w

so... update:

my blood pressure was 130/90 (aka high). the doctor took it 3 separate times and it was the same. now i need to monitor it daily. if it hits 150/100 (any number) its a trip to the doctors (as you can see the DIA numbers are close).

i had hypertension before when i was younger. it was diet controlled. lately i've been able to eat whatever i want but it never got high... until now.

i'm in a panic which is probably the worse thing i can do for myself right now. i've been telling everyone instead of internalizing it because i believe it will help with the stress i'm feeling. i'm reading up on everything. when you get high blood pressure before 30 weeks its not a good sign. i'm only at 24 weeks. i may get hospitalized if my blood pressure hits 160/110 before 34 weeks. jake may have to come early via C section...

so anyway i'm watching my salt intake closely. i promised my sister i'll take her out to lunch and dinner so today is the day i lower my salt intake. already i said no to processed cheese and sauce at in n out. i only ate half the fries. i've been drinking water. hopefully the slight rise in blood pressure controlled by diet is all i have to look forward to.

Friday, November 14, 2008

22w 2d

i thought it was funny... 22w and 2d 222 :P

i'm doing good.

just the normal stuff.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

doctor's appointment (20w 6d)

went great! nothing really to report. lol. we did a quick ultrasound and talked about induction which he said could be done when paul gets here if needed be (although that will be a last minute thing if he doesn't want to come out when dad's around).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

20w 3d

jake is getting more active and i am getting more inactive. although i still enjoy running around with the kids i find myself stopping to catch my breath more often. all my eating has been working and i think i gained too much (so much for worrying). i was weighing 150 at soleado... my target weight is 146. i AM running around still so i figure its ok but i need to lay off on the chocolates (which i seem to be wanting a lot of). also it sucked that it was halloween and we got 1 kid that came by this year so i have a lot of candy just sitting here next to me. i am going to stay away from them!! Tuesday is my 20 week appointment. i learn the results of my california state genetics testing, and my blood test... so i'll update then!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

19w 4d

i've been trying to eat. so i eat eat eat. then i sit sit sit (because for some reason EVERYONE tells me i need to sit). i feel fine. i'll sit if i don't feel fine. lol.

next week will be the half way point! to think jake really needs to do now is grow. :o

i've been getting nervous about becoming a parent. i am ready as i can be emotionally and physically but here are some things i can't even being to imagine...

how many 0~3 3~6 6~9 9~12 month onesies do i 'really' need (since they may grow out of it really fast)?

is organic 'really' what i need for them to wear?

is hypnobirthing truly the way to go?

what if cloth diapering is the wrong way to go?

and the answers are right there, i KNOW what the answers are... i just can't... i don't know, begin to think. i get overwhelmed... but still have 4 months to sort everything out. hopefully thats enough time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

measuring small and other worries

well like i said in the last post, jake was measuring small. of course the cause can be anything... but i feel like i am at fault too. i've been stressed out about eating healthier so sometimes i don't eat at all. if i am hungry for mc donalds i just drive by. if i am hungry for pie or ice cream i just skip my craving so i can get home and eat something healthier... but in the end rice and okazu is not what jake wants and i end up not eating. i am trying to believe that jake knows what is good for him and i need to give in... but its not so easy. i've been craving mostly sweets (when i do crave which is not often) and i worry about gestational diabetes. i try to count calories now and it is hard for me to get 2,300~2,500 that i am supposed to... i don't even get to 2,000 sometimes.

its funny because paul can never decide what to eat and neither can i. we sometimes drive around for an hour trying to see what looks good to us and finally we stop by a mc donalds (because its the closest thing to post). lol. so even with three of us that means we'll never be able to decide what we want to eat when we go out.

i also found out that paul will be coming in early march. that means he can definitely be here for the birth... but it also can mean that if jake is not measuring where he should be there is a chance that i wouldn't be able to be induced to have him while he is here (i have to ask dr. lim)...

goodness kid, you're already making this hard on me.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Jake Masashi is measuring a little small at 7 ounces. the adjusted due date is march 22nd 2008.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


paul wants to know the sex of the baby so i will be making an appointment tomorrow to get an ultrasound package!

Friday, October 10, 2008

17w 2d

baby is moving and i can feel it. its weird.

Monday, September 29, 2008

15w 5d

first day of work.


i took a short shift so i can ease back into going back to work. hopefully i won't get too tired.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

first doctors appointment.

went very good. i got a pap (eww... but wasn't bad at all), a short glimpse of the baby (baby was moving... YAY!), talked about my history with the doctor, and he gave me the ok to go to work (YAY!).

i signed a think that said i will most likely be giving birth at little company of mary (YAY!).

i also gave 2 big vials of blood and 3 small vials of blood. i don't feel good right now. i drank some grape juice and water but i still feel pretty tired.

now i just need to find a scanner to scan the ultrasound picture.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

14w 4d

this tuesday is my first 'offical' OB appointment. my doctor's name is dr. lim. his partner dr. ito delivered my younger sister. her partner (who retired) dr. yamanaka delivered the older little sister, my brother and me! so this is really exciting. i hope to deliver at little company of mary where paul and i were both born 28 years ago. if the doctor gives the ok i will be going back to work (another YAY!)

i have a little bump now and i will take a picture and post it later. i still think it just looks like belly fat. >:/ i am feeling good except when i over eat and i can easily avoid that.

will update again after doctors appointment!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

deep inside...

i was reading the thread on baby high heels on the military girlfriends website and i THOUGHT i could say no... but i couldn't. if it was in any other color than that nasty magenta i would buy it. at 35 dollars a pair? i would still buy it. i would also get her a pretty black dress and a pretty black purse. i think it would look so cute. i never thought i would say this but i would love to have a little girl.

i would put my little girl in pretty dresses. i would do her hair. i don't necessarily need to make her look 16 or 17 at the age of 5.... but i still think girls in dresses are cute. girls with pig tails and braids are cute.

i love watching roman holiday. i love audrey hepburn. thats how i would want my girl to grow up. i want my girl to look girly and chic. she would be confident, independent and slightly rebellious. like princess ann.

one problem though. i am not anything like that.

13w 4d

nothing really to report again but i am showing more and hopefully in the coming weeks i will look more pregnant (haha) i just got my referral with my PCM on friday so in the next few weeks i should be having my *first* official appointment with an OB/GYN.

now it is kind of uncomfortable to sleep on my back and i toss and turn. after i go to the bathroom i still feel like i need to go. i have just about 6 more months to go :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

12w 4d

i am doing pretty good. nausea (whatever i had of it) is gone and i'm not too tired (i don't need that midday nap anymore). i still can't distinguish movement from gas (which i *still* have). nothing much to report now. hopefully i'll be able to see the sex in the next few weeks. personally i don't want to know.... but i think its important to tell paul. :P

Friday, August 29, 2008

11 w 1d

i felt the baby really move for the first time yesterday. i was sleeping on my side on the floor and there was a feeling like butterflies fluttering in my side. i haven't felt it since then but its the most weirdest thing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

in utero name

the consensus amongst everyone seems to be 'paullie'

Monday, August 25, 2008

the ultrasound picture link

10w 5d

a friend on the forums lost her baby. she was at week 10 and her baby stopped growing at 9 weeks. does this make me nervous? hell yes. her due date was a day before mine. i have to remind myself that our baby was healthy at 9 weeks 5 days and it measured what it was supposed to... but reality did kick me in the head. im still not clear till week 13. then the possibility of miscarrying goes down... not 100% down but i can put my mind to a little bit more ease.

this time because there was tangible evidence that the baby was there, we decided to tell everyone and show the ultrasound. it was weird to see this being inside me with its heart beating so hard (183 bpm). i'm glad at least i have a little part of him/her even if something may happen.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

week 9

i am still feeling pregnant. i actually had to buy one of those stretchy belly things so i can get back into my jeans. i'm slowly getting my energy back... but that makes me afraid... i don't know if i am reverting back to my 'non-pregnant' self. i worry then i get nausea and i keep more relaxed.

i wish they would have let me go to the doctors for a short ultrasound or even a simple internal Doppler to show me that there is something in there would have been nice, but tricare is a bunch of stingy bastards.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

week 8

i'm still a little reluctant to post, but i hit week 8 today. i haven't been feeling good at all but it hasn't been too bad. i just have a lot of gas (which surprisingly does not happen when i drink milk). i'm very optimistic this time. paul was telling me that the last two times i was really uptight and stressed (about the pregnancy) but this time i've just let myself to its thing, we eat whatever (i was obsessed going all organic before) and it seems like its working...


actually this was only week 7 i miscounted week 0 as week 1.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

so i have very insane gas, its the same as my first pregnancy (which i am thinking that it is a very good sign because at least the first time i was pregnant till week 10). my second one i didn't have any of this happen, so i guess its a good sign. also i've had no problems and will be going on to week seven starting next monday. i lost the second one at around 6 weeks. 5 weeks to go until my first trimester is over (if uneventful that means we are good to go!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

pregnancy and deployment...

so supposedly paul is supposed to deploy in september, i am not nervous at all, but i am very sad that he may miss the birth. such is his job being a soldier...

Friday, July 11, 2008

third time is the charm ;)