Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm blogging again! *gasp*

this the second day in a row that i am blogging. yep, i am trying to make an attempt everyday.

for those you don't i know i am practicing what they call attachment parenting. i had one of those attachment parenting moments which i wanted to share.

we went to a marriage retreat in denver a few weeks back. jake is a seasoned traveler. he has been to japan at 5 months, flew to houston to see great great auntie harriet, and he also survived a 16 hour road trip from los angeles to here in colorado springs. so this one and a half hour drive and two nights in a hotel should not have phased him.

so much to my surprise, when we went into our hotel room in denver, he got scared and nervous in this new environment. i could see this when i put him down to stretch his legs, he kind of looked to me, looked for reassurance. i went to him and cuddled with him. in about 15 minutes he was his normal self again crawling everywhere in the hotel room and exploring like he loves to do. this kind of experience makes me believe that for us to respond with sensitivity and provide loving and consistent care creates a confident child, not a spoiled child.

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